Autonics Pressure sensor:

Autonics offers wide range of digital pressure sensors

Autonics PSAN Pressure sensors
PSAN Series

PSAN Series:

Pressure measurement of any Liquid, Gas or Oil.

High Display resolution: Standard Pressure: 0.1kPa, 1kPa. Negative & Compound Pressure 0.01kPa.

Auto Shift function, Hold function available.

Independent 2-point output (NO/ NC output selectable).

Autonics PSA Pressure sensors
PSA Series

PSA Series:

High accuracy, Small size pressure control digital pressure sensor.

High Brightness Red LED, High Resolution: 1/1000.

Selectable response time: 2.5, 5, 100 ms.

Analog Output 1-5 VDC.

Reverse Power Polarity and Over current Protection Circuit.

Autonics PSQ Pressure sensors
PSQ Series

PSQ Series:

Dual display for simultaneous display of Process value (PV) and Set point value (SV).

Switch Between NPN & PNP Open Collector Outputs with Parameter Settings.

3 Color Main (PV)  Display, 12-Segment LCD Display, Supports 8 Types of Pressure Unit.

Compound Pressure Measurement including Negative and Standard Pressure.

Copy Parameter Settings Function, One Touch Connector Wiring.

Autonics PSS Pressure sensors
PSS Series

PSS Series:

Compact Pressure Sensor with analog Output and Outstanding Compatibility.

Rated Pressure: Negative Pressure: 0 K Pa to -101.3 kPa, Positive Pressure: 0 kPa to 100.0kPa /0 kPa to 1000kPa and Compound Pressure: -101.3kPa to 100kPa.

Compact design W 11.8 x H 29.3 x W 24.8 mm

Output Analog Voltage: 1-5 V DC, 4-20 mA, Power supply 12-24 V DC.