Autonics Fiber Optic Sensors:

Autonics offers wide range Fiber optic amplifiers and Fiber optic Cables with economical prices.

Autonics BF5 Fiber Optic Sensor
BF5 Series

BF5 Series:

High Speed Single/Dual Digital Display Digital Fiber Optic Amplifiers.

Dual digital display for displaying PV and SV.

5 Response Speeds: 50us, 150us, 500us, 4ms, 10ms.

Display range: 0-4000 (Standard), 0-9999(Long-distance mode).

Simple sensitivity Adjustment settings.


Autonics BF4R Fiber Optic Sensor
BF4R Series

BF4R Series:

Highly Reliable & Easy to Install Fiber Optic Amplifiers.

High speed response: Max. 0.5 ms.

Auto sensitivity setting(Button Setting)/ Remote sensitivity Setting.

Timer function: Selectable None/ 40ms OFF Delay timer.

Automatically selectable Light ON/Dark ON.

Autonics BFC Fiber Optic Sensor
BFC Series

BFC Series:

Digital fiber optic amplifier communication Converters.

Supports various communications: RS 485 Communication, Serial Communication, SW Input.

Connected up to 32 amplifier units.

Slim design with depth 10 mm (W10 x H30 xL70 mm)


Autonics BF3R Fiber Optic Sensor
BF3R Series

BF3R Series:

High Accuracy Fiber Optic Amplifier with Twin Adjusting Dials.

Convenient DIN rail mounting type.

Response time: Max 1 ms.

Enables to adjust sensitivity with high accuracy by dual adjuster.

Selectable Light ON/Dark ON operation mode by control wire.

Autonics FD FT FL GD GT Series optic Cable

FD/FT/FL/GD/GT Series:

Fiber Optic Sensor Cable.

Various cable head types: Thread, Cylindrical, Flat, Perpendicular, Plastic, Area detection.

Wide sensing directions: Top, Side, Flat, L-type top, top +side.

Different sensing modes: Through-beam, Diffuse reflective, Convergent reflective.

Various Cable types: Standard, Flexible, Coaxial, Break-resistant, Heat-resistant.

Diverse line-up, High performance, Easy installation.


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