Autonics Photo electric Sensor:

Autonics-BJ series photoelectric sensor
BJ series

BJ Series:

Long Sensing distance with high quality lens.

Sensing distance: 15 m(Through beam), 3 M(Reflector type), 300 mm (Diffuse type).

Light on and Dark on selectable.

Sensing adjustable with VR.

Compact size  W20xH32xL10.6 mm.

BTF Series

BTF Series:

Ultra Compact, Thin type photo electric sensor.

Operation indicator(Red LED), Stability Indicator (Green LED)

Sensing Distance max 1 M,

Stainless steel mounting brackets.

IP67 Protection structure.

BR/BRP Series
BR/BRP Series

BR/BRP Series:

Cylindrical 18 mm dia photo electric sensor.

Long sensing distance 20 M (Through beam)

Sensitivity Adjustable except through beam

IP 66 Protection structure.

High response time 1 ms.

BEN Series

BEN Series:

Universal Ac/DC photoelectric sensors with built in amplifier.

Output types: Relay contact (AC/Dc type), NPN/PNP open collector type.

Light on and Dark on mode selectable.

Sensitivity adjustable except through beam.


Autonics BYD Series Photo electric sensor
BYD Series

BYD Series:

Compact photo electric sensor with built in amplifier, Size: W12 X H 32 X L 18 mm.

Timer function to set off delay time.

LED Operation Indicator.

Built in Output short circuit protection circuit and reveres polarity protection circuit.


BUP Series

BUP Series:

U Shaped photo electric sensor.

High speed response time under 1 ms.

Switch between Light on and Dark on mode.

Operation and power indication available

IP 66 protection structure.

Autonics BS5 Series photo electric sensor
BS5 Series

BS5 Series:

Ultra compact photo electric sensor with built in amplifier(PNP/NPN transister output)

Different shapes available for installation like K, T, L, Y, V Types.

High speed response frequency 2KHz

Light on and dark on mode switching available.

Easily check operation status through Red LED indicator.

Autonics BS5-P Series Photo electric sensor
BS5-P Series

BS5-P Series:

Push button type photo electric sensor

Button switch operation ensures accurate detection.

Mechanical life cycle is 5 million operations.

4 Led operation Indicator.

Stainless steel mounting brackets.

Autonics BL Series Liquid level sensor
BL Series

BL Series:

Photo electric sensor for non contact detection of liquid in transparent pipes.

Detects the presence of liquid in the transparent pipe.

Stability and operation status indicators available.

Light on/ Dark on operation mode switching.

IP 64 Protection structure.

Autonics BA2M Series Photo electric sensor
BA2M Series

 BA2M Series:

Long sensing distance  diffuse photo electric sensor up to 2 M.

Sensitivity adjuster.

Stability and operation indicator available.

IP 64 Protection structure.


Autonics offers Wide range of photoelectric sensors. We offers all range of photoelectric sensors with low/economical price.

Autonics have wide range models like Through beam photoelectric, Retro reflective photoelectric, Polarized filter photoelectric sensor, diffuse photoelectric sensor with different output like Transistor output PNP, NPN-NO, NC and Relay output, Cable type, Connector type. With long range sensing distance. Based on all type sensor applications autonics photoelectric sensor gives solutions.