MKR Industrial Automations & Services Pvt Ltd is one of the  Autonics Authorized distributor and dealer in india. Autonics is leading automation solution provider in south Korea. Autonics offers 6000 products world wide.

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MKR Industrial Automation is one of the Autonics Automation India Pvt Ltd Authorized distributor or dealer for Hyderabad Region. and we are presence in Andhra Pradesh, telangana, Bangalore, chennai, pune, mumbai, gujarath etc.,  Autonics is a leading provider of automation solutions in South Korea. Autonics core products are Sensors, Controllers, Motion devices, process automation instruments and Control switches.

Autonics Offers wide range of automation products in Indian market. Like..

Sensing Solutions:

Sensors are the important and commonly usage device in Automation system. Autonics offers a wide range of economical and Quality sensors. Like Photoelectric sensors, Proximity sensors, Rotary Encoders, Pressure sensors, Area Sensors, Fiber Optic sensors, Door Sensors.


Controllers are widely used in industries to maintain desired outputs of particular processes. Autonics providing highly accurate and reliable controllers in the market like Temperature Controller, Power controller, Timer, Counter, Pulse meter, Digital Panel meter, Solid state relay, Sensor controllers, SMPS etc.,

Motion Devices:

Autonics offers Stepper Motors, Stepper motor Drives, Motion Controllers.

Process Automation:

Autonics process automation products provide reliable and accurate performances for maximum process efficiency and productivity in various industries. Autonics offers  Recorders, Thyristor Power Controllers, Process Controllers, Temperature transmitters, Pressure Transmitter, Indicator, Converter.

Terminal Blocks and Cables:

Autonics Offers I/O Terminal Blocks, Cables, Connectors.

Control Switches:

Autonics offers Push button switches, Selector switches, Key selector Switches, Emergency switches, Pilot lights, Buzzers.